Tree Pruning, Shaping, Crowning, and Removal

Not all trees require the same type of work, but are individually different depending on the species, structural integrity, geographics, and the overall health and age of the tree. Allow the experts at Mountain Heritage to asses the condition of your trees and make necessary recommendations to keep your trees healthy, safe, and pleasing to you and the environment around them. 


Tree Pruning

Pruning refers to the cutting/removal of dead or diseased wood effecting the health of a Tree. It also includes selectively targeting new growth for removal to improve the trees aesthetics and increase the yield within fruit trees. By pruning back a tree it allows for healthy growth, improved structural integrity, aesthetics and the overall safety of your surrounding property.   




Tree Shaping

Tree Shaping can happen at any time along the life of a living tree, but is usually done early when the tree is young and influential.  Shaping a tree while it is still young will grow it into a living work of art.  Just think of the aesthetic beauty of a bonsai tree. The same can be accomplished with almost all types of trees.  Mountain Heritage will transform your trees into works of art, truly enhancing the beauty of your landscaped yard.


Crown Reduction

Deciduous Trees in NM

For example, The Heritage Rio Grande Cottonwood Tree of New Mexico grow along rivers, acequiasbosques and/or water sheds.  This brings about very massive trees very quickly, but with shallow roots.  The combination of mass and root instability may require a Crown Reduction to bring the height down to lower, stronger wood. This will enhance the unique character and beauty of the tree, while keeping it structurally sound.

Cottonwoods that are not reduced can grow very tall causing a number of problems. The tree may split at a crotch, limbs might give way and break, or the entire tree could up root and topple over.  This is usually caused by high winds, spring thawing, summer monsoons, and wet soil.

Many people put these trees close to homes which may destroy their property. Crowning will increase the longevity of the tree by eliminating weak structural wood that can end up on cars, homes etc. Other common New Mexico trees are the Silver leaf Poplar, Globe and Weeping Willows that strive from Crown Reduction and sometimes Topping that most arborists tend to shy away from. 


Tree Removal

In many situations heavy equipment, i.e. cranes, cannot be placed into small locations or hard to get to locations so climbers are needed.  We at Mountain Heritage pride ourselves on being some of the best and most experienced climbers in the world.  Our Expert Arborists will complete the job at hand safely and efficiently using modern equipment and techniques. We are know for completing some of the most difficult jobs around with only a climber, a ground man, and a combined expert knowledge of rigging and roping.  So no matter how complex the situation, rest assured we can handle the job.