Tree Planting and Care

Planting Rocky Mountain Blue Spruce

Planting Rocky Mountain Blue Spruce

Tree Planting

Mountain Heritage has been planting trees successfully for over 20 years.  Most tree and landscape companies stray away from modern permaculture techniques, but We embrace the natural beauty in the surrounding landscape by incorporating local permaculture techniques and soil science. We sit down with our clients and discuss the advantages of geographic tree selection and placement.  We encourage owners to go to a nursery and hand pick tree species for their own taste, but to focus on companion planting as well. Placement of a tree is key for the longevity of the species. Due to the harsh NM sun and wind, we select native species in a carefully thought out design and placement, added with companion planting, to withstand the harshness between winters and summers. We add native seed and native cover crop that opens the soil adding nutrients to newly planted trees.  This along with added wild flower creates permanent lasting beauty and gives the trees the appearance of being there a long time, naturally.


Tree Care

Soil, soil, soil, is the foundation of all rooted plants, shrubs, and trees. A strong tree can resist insects and disease without spraying deleterious toxins that deplete soil longevity and health. Of course tree care is shaping, crowning, etc. accourding to the specific needs of the tree.  Think of Trees like humans.  Each person requires, as a human body, individual needs and depending upon their health or weaknesses, a tree in the same way requires that same direct attention. What one person needs, another person will not. What one tree needs, another will not.  Mountain Heritage uses natural microbial humates and organic compost with living organisms that replace any fertilizer and create beautiful growing environments.