Soil and Trees


Soil Reclamation

Soil erosion exposes plant roots which may lead to a multitude of problems for all species.  Soil Reclamation returns rich, nutrient dense earth back to the plants allowing for healthier, happier plants.


Fertilizing and Soil Feeding

Healthy soil equals healthy plants.  Fertilizing and soil feeding using organic microbials and organic compost is the best way to maintain, disease free, pest free, ready for the apocalypse plants, trees, shrubs, veggies, fruits, whatever is needed for healthy clean living.  We've done our homework through countless hours of research and experience, Mountain Heritage understands the earth and its relationship to the greenery in Northern New Mexico.  We can help revive, rejuvenate, and maintain anything you ask of us.



Organic mulching is important to any healthy soil in order to maintain water retention and filtration.  Mulch is wonderful for the prevention of soil erosion and weed growth, maintaining soil temperature, and it really gives the landscaping a fine, finished look.