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A new post to the Work Blog.

A new post to the Work Blog.


Why choose a Certified Arborist and professional climber?

A certified arborist is educated through comprehensive exams pertaining to tree evaluation, biology and disease. Certified arborists continually participate in on-going education in arboriculture techniques and improvements.

Professional tree climbers, rope guns, and mechanical rigging technicians have thousands of hours in huge trees, often in highly dangerous situations not suited for heavy equipment use. A climber's fitness level and mental capacity must be sharp to be proficient and effective.

Conservation is a state of harmony between men and land.
— Aldo Leopold

Our Name



The name Mountain Heritage comes from our special relationship to the land and our deeply rooted cultural heritage.

Mountain Heritage was grown and cultivated from four generations of a family logging company and tree farm located in Northern New Mexico and southern Oregon. 

With the fertile soil of four generations as our base, we bring a new entrepreneural spirit that is expressed in the arborist and landscape design we do by combining mountaineering skills with our respect and love for the land.